Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Richard has a new phone...

Richard now has a blackberry phone. Yes, the world is coming to an end very soon. I keep reading the Word-looking for signs. I think Richard getting a blackberry is a sign the world is ending soon-it has to be.

He is driving me crazy with it. He can now text very fast and is really proud of himself. He called me 6 times at work today and sent me 3 text messages. (I am rolling my eyes here)

Now, there have been days that I have called him because I need to know something important or need him to run one of the kids here or there--and I get the "Babe, I am working right now, can I call you back?" But not today. Today, he had plenty of time on his hands. Oh yes, he was working, but he was playing a lot too.

He is getting all high and mighty with the fact that his new job requires him to be savvy with his texting and computer. They have created a monster that I have to live with.

What? You think it isn't that bad? I will leave you with this.

Text #1 Hey Babe what r u up to?
Text #2 You're Hot
Text #3 R U ignoring me?

Enough said. :~)

But, I still am head over hills in love with my guy.


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