Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bad Bad hair day....

The humidity must come to an end soon-my hair cannot take it anymore. Richard, my tightwad husband, I mean my blessing of a man, :~) has turned off the air so that we can replenish the savings account from our 2 vacations. I knew it would come back to bite me that we took 2 vacations. Grrrrrr :)

Anyway, back to my hair. The 80's were good to me. I had great 80's hair. Apparently, my hair is a month early for homecoming and for 80's day. It is so big right now with the humidity. I walked into work and said, "I know I know, my hair is rather large today" My coworkers praised my hair and said that they love it like that.

Now mind you, 4 of them were 80's children too. They are stuck, I am stuck....when will that style come back again????

So today, because our AC is turned off. More of the same, except this time it was Kensey Rae who said, "wow mom!" I played dumb. "What sweetie?" As her eyes scanned my hair, I just got a "uh, nothing, are you ready to leave for school?"

Good thing my ego was crushed years ago.

Do you think it sounds a little selfish to ask God for a break so I can have cute hair tomorrow and my makeup won't sweat off before I actually arrive at work?

Let us pray...........


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Stacey said...

Well, if it is selfish, I guess I'm right in there with ya! Too funny--you'll never regret the vacations, though! Our air went out about a month ago right when it started heating up--I nearly passed out! Poor Louie, our old Basset, we were hosing him down every few hours. John's brother owns a heating and air company, so we're hooked up now. About 7K later, we're the proud owners of a state-of-the-art never-will-fail-again heating and air conditioning 'system'. And...I have nothing left for makeup, so might as well melt off me anyway!

I'm very glad Nova sent you over, she's the bomb! How do you know her? Did you go to school in Savannah too?!