Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Simple Life- Tuesday Tip for Simple Living

The Simple Life.

Doesn't that just sound so- what is the word- simple?

I love organization. I love having an organized world- which means house, car, calendars, family- ETC. Now, I am sure my Momma would have liked for me to LOVE organization when I lived under her roof, but it did not happen. Sadly.

I really wish my daughter would be bit by the organization bug. I would prefer before she leaves my roof.

I am trying to achieve the simple life. Sigh. Geez, it seems like alot of work.

Here is my Tuesday Tip for the Simple Life.

You need to start your day with a devotion. Period. You need to begin your day with your Lord. Our family use to gather nightly for our family devotion, which is fond memories, but now we are going forty different directions and it just doesn't work for us anymore. My family needs an attitude adjustment first thing for us to get focused and centered on Jesus.

Here's what works for us: *remember, my kids are 17 and 13*

I get up before the rest of the family and have my quiet time. We are currently using the Sarah Young book- Jesus Calling. I read the devotion, look up the verses that it talks about for the day- write them on my spiral notecards, write down any prayer requests we have in our family prayer journal and then I intital it so that I have accountability. Then, as my husband and kids get up, they come to the dining room table and have their quiet time individually and initial the notecards and write their own prayer requests down. It works for us. We are meeting with Jesus first thing, we are sharing our requests so we can all pray for each other, and we have accountability.

I need Jesus first thing- in order to work towards simple living.

What do you do to work towards simple living?

Back to Blogging!

I am back to blogging.

Quite simply I have missed it, but I always seem to be running short on time. Story of my life, really, but today is a new day and I have to admit that I ENJOY blogging. Basically, I enjoy talking. At least, I do a lot of talking so I must enjoy it- right?

I've been asked several times over the last few months- when will you start blogging again? So today, it starts! I am excited to announce to my 4.4 fans out there- that Faith Family and Friends is back online :))

My sisters and I have also started a blog called www.simplelivingwithsisters.com

Here's the updates:

Richard and I are still married-- somedays happily- other days...well...:) ha!

Cody is now 17 years old- and TODAY is 10 month anniversary of accident! Amazing!

Kensey Rae is 13 and need I say more? She's becoming the l

Jax is still the CUTEST minature schnauzer on the planet. Just sayin'

We still have not built the house- but hey, we have land now. Richard says we are CLOSER. Patience is not my virtue.

The kids are getting close to Summer Vacation. Hard to believe that Cody Charles Edwards- who weighed in at 8 lbs 13 oz will be a 6'1" 175 pound Senior in 4 weeks. This saddens me and makes me want to run to the kitchen to do some emotional eating.

Which brings me to my next update- Guess who is on a healthy kick again. Yes, Me. and hey, it's Tuesday- Not Monday....but do fried mushrooms count as a veggie? Cause I am headed to the inlaws to eat some mushrooms tonight. hmmmmmmmm

Until Later....