Monday, August 25, 2008

Ponder the Thought....

Have you ever noticed how loud this world is? Lately, I have felt like it's louder than normal. Normal, now there is a funny word. What is normal anyway? The world likes to tell us that normal is anything goes and whatever makes you happy. Haven't we all bought into that concept a time or two....a day?

I always get sappy at the beginning of the school year. I think about how much time I have left with my kids before they graduate and move on, I think about have I taught them morals, have I spent quality time with them, have I made them feel loved, have I taught them that just because the world goes one way, doesn't mean that is the right way. I know this conversation could head down a deep path.

I was thinking about how hard it is to really be a kid now. The world is loud. Things that used to be the exception are becoming the rule. Black and White issues are now replaced with the lovely dull color of gray. The idea of serving others has been replaced with serving self first. The grass that wasn't greener on the other side, looks green. (keyword is LOOKS) What used to scare us, now invites us. It is a tough world, but it also brings tough consequences. I am not sure we always understand that the consequences can last longer than a day, sometimes they last a lifetime.

We have to surround our kiddos in prayer every morning. We have to turn them over to God each day and thank Him for being louder than the world. Praise His name that his black and white will always be black and white, his grass is green on this side of the fence, and that unlike our enemy who prowls around looking for someone to devour-He wraps His loving arms around us.

Will our kids still mess up? Will we still mess up?

Yes and Yes. The beauty of my God is that His mercy and grace extend from one end of the cross to the other. Praise His Holy name!

I completely understand Paul when he writes in Romans 7 about how he knows what he should do, so why does he keep doing what he shouldn't do? I can hear his frustration and appreciate it. However later in chapter 8 he also is reminded that his sinful nature used to have control over him, but now he is controlled by the spirit.

I pray our kids (and us) are controlled by the Holy Spirit. However, we also must realize that this just doesn't "happen"--it must be taught, practiced, and be WHO we are.

Parenting is tough work, and being a kid is no walk in the park.

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