Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who Knew?

I guess you can pray for the humidity to cease. :~) It is a wonderful 79 degrees in Northwest Missouri!!

Although, my hair must not realize it.....Bummer!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bad Bad hair day....

The humidity must come to an end soon-my hair cannot take it anymore. Richard, my tightwad husband, I mean my blessing of a man, :~) has turned off the air so that we can replenish the savings account from our 2 vacations. I knew it would come back to bite me that we took 2 vacations. Grrrrrr :)

Anyway, back to my hair. The 80's were good to me. I had great 80's hair. Apparently, my hair is a month early for homecoming and for 80's day. It is so big right now with the humidity. I walked into work and said, "I know I know, my hair is rather large today" My coworkers praised my hair and said that they love it like that.

Now mind you, 4 of them were 80's children too. They are stuck, I am stuck....when will that style come back again????

So today, because our AC is turned off. More of the same, except this time it was Kensey Rae who said, "wow mom!" I played dumb. "What sweetie?" As her eyes scanned my hair, I just got a "uh, nothing, are you ready to leave for school?"

Good thing my ego was crushed years ago.

Do you think it sounds a little selfish to ask God for a break so I can have cute hair tomorrow and my makeup won't sweat off before I actually arrive at work?

Let us pray...........


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Richard has a new phone...

Richard now has a blackberry phone. Yes, the world is coming to an end very soon. I keep reading the Word-looking for signs. I think Richard getting a blackberry is a sign the world is ending soon-it has to be.

He is driving me crazy with it. He can now text very fast and is really proud of himself. He called me 6 times at work today and sent me 3 text messages. (I am rolling my eyes here)

Now, there have been days that I have called him because I need to know something important or need him to run one of the kids here or there--and I get the "Babe, I am working right now, can I call you back?" But not today. Today, he had plenty of time on his hands. Oh yes, he was working, but he was playing a lot too.

He is getting all high and mighty with the fact that his new job requires him to be savvy with his texting and computer. They have created a monster that I have to live with.

What? You think it isn't that bad? I will leave you with this.

Text #1 Hey Babe what r u up to?
Text #2 You're Hot
Text #3 R U ignoring me?

Enough said. :~)

But, I still am head over hills in love with my guy.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Ponder the Thought....

Have you ever noticed how loud this world is? Lately, I have felt like it's louder than normal. Normal, now there is a funny word. What is normal anyway? The world likes to tell us that normal is anything goes and whatever makes you happy. Haven't we all bought into that concept a time or two....a day?

I always get sappy at the beginning of the school year. I think about how much time I have left with my kids before they graduate and move on, I think about have I taught them morals, have I spent quality time with them, have I made them feel loved, have I taught them that just because the world goes one way, doesn't mean that is the right way. I know this conversation could head down a deep path.

I was thinking about how hard it is to really be a kid now. The world is loud. Things that used to be the exception are becoming the rule. Black and White issues are now replaced with the lovely dull color of gray. The idea of serving others has been replaced with serving self first. The grass that wasn't greener on the other side, looks green. (keyword is LOOKS) What used to scare us, now invites us. It is a tough world, but it also brings tough consequences. I am not sure we always understand that the consequences can last longer than a day, sometimes they last a lifetime.

We have to surround our kiddos in prayer every morning. We have to turn them over to God each day and thank Him for being louder than the world. Praise His name that his black and white will always be black and white, his grass is green on this side of the fence, and that unlike our enemy who prowls around looking for someone to devour-He wraps His loving arms around us.

Will our kids still mess up? Will we still mess up?

Yes and Yes. The beauty of my God is that His mercy and grace extend from one end of the cross to the other. Praise His Holy name!

I completely understand Paul when he writes in Romans 7 about how he knows what he should do, so why does he keep doing what he shouldn't do? I can hear his frustration and appreciate it. However later in chapter 8 he also is reminded that his sinful nature used to have control over him, but now he is controlled by the spirit.

I pray our kids (and us) are controlled by the Holy Spirit. However, we also must realize that this just doesn't "happen"--it must be taught, practiced, and be WHO we are.

Parenting is tough work, and being a kid is no walk in the park.

Kensey Rae's 11th Birthday party

Well, the birthday list has been hanging on the fridge for about a month. I have stared at it daily. First on the list, a pet turtle. Yes, a pet turtle. She has this fascination with turtles. I guess that probably started around 2 years ago, maybe 3 years ago. Anyway, I thought, well, if she really wants a turtle, I guess I will get her a turtle. I went to Petco, and found the sand turtle she has so desired. I also found the price tag. Do you know what a turtle costs these days? The pet turtle sells for a small price of $90.00. Yes, for $90 you can purchase a turtle. NOW WAIT, you must also get the "set up" for the turtle. The employee explained to me what we would need, the care for the turtle, and that for around $325 I could have everything I need. Excuse me, did the price of turtles go up with the price of gas? I smiled at the clerk, whom I am assuming thought she had an easy sale, and said politely, "I believe I will have to think about that for a while." Forget it! Kensey Rae, we have turtles in the pond, name em' and they are all yours. :~)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kensey Rae's 11th Birthday Party with her Friends

Kensey Rae is celebrating her day a little early with friends this weekend. She has some of the cutest girls as friends. I picked them all up around 4 tonight and we came home and had pizza-and waited for Jo to arrive. Richard and Cody went to the football Jamboree. So it was an all out girls night IN!

The girls knew we had a special game to play with them, but they didn't know what it was. Jill had called me earlier in the week and said that when her friend had turned 11, she had a "Miss America Pagent" and STILL remembers how much fun it was- so we have been planning all week on how to pull one off for Kensey Rae. We did, and it was so much fun! They had three rounds- Goofy, what they would wear to a job interview, evening gown, and talent.

They were asked who they were going to vote for...McCain won 5-0. What kind of animal best describes them.....where they would be when they were 25.....which celebrity they would be.....what life lessons they have learned.....lots of laughs!!

I think Mom, Jo, and I had the most fun! It was a great time. Enjoy the pictures.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cody with no braces!!

Forever and Always my Babies....

Cody First Day of Freshman Year

Kensey Rae First Day of 5th Grade

Homemade waffles and bacon are ready....

Cody WAKE UP!!

Kensey that look so Beautiful...


Hannah and Kensey Rae..

Hannah and Kensey Rae started their own t.v. show...Disney hasn't contracted with them yet, but i am sure the phone will be ringing soon....

Jodi has moved again.....:~)

Jo has moved again to the west side of the Plaza in Kansas City. She was recently hired by the Kansas Speedway to be the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator. Cody cannot wait for "take your nephew to work day!" Of course, they would need to invent that day before he actually gets to do that.....sorry Cody.

Jodi's new apartment- First Floor

Everyone was blessed to get into the action

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The 3D Boys...

My poor sister and her husband....getting all three of them showered was a CHORE in the little bathroom in the cabin! But how cute are those boys???

Karson and Aunt Jen Jen

I just love that kid! He either really really loves me or ....:)

In this picture he asked me to pick him up...melted my heart!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008



We had such a great time! I am so thankful that we all can have a great vacation together. Bryce's parents came along this time too, and they were so much fun! I have to tell you that Tom can GRILL!! HOLY COW MONKEYS...we had ribs, steaks, hamburgers, brats....oh my....can I just say HEAVEN? :)

Mom was in the kitchen each morning bright and early fixing us breakfast. I felt a little like a pampered little girl! :)

Tom and Barb celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on August 2nd along with Richard's 40th Birthday!!

I cannot believe my man is 40. F-O-R-T-Y...wowzer. :~)

Kensey Rae learned how to water ski and of course LOVES it! Cody got up as well! WE just had a great weekend of relaxing and that is ALWAYS a good thing!