Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Sadness about March Madness

Kensey Rae lost her game today on a last second shot. The Cyclones had one of those games where nothing would matter how much skill behind the shot, no matter how open we were, no matter how tough the shot, NOTHING was going in. Kensey Rae played a great game and her defense was awesome, but in the end, we were one short. She has the next weekend off and then three straight weeks of Regional Tournament. We must qualify in the month of April to go to Orlando. Since we already bought our airplane would be nice to qualify.:~)

Cody is still traveling home from Branson. He is supposed to arrive in the next couple of hours. I wish I could tell you he had a great time, but my lovely 14 year old did not call home all weekend. (*&$#(*&@(*$#&(#$&&@$& :~) I called him yesterday and only talked exactly 32 seconds according to my was raining and he was getting ready to ride a roller coaster....and he was going to call me back. I hope that for his sake his phone broke or an alien picked him up and took him to Mars! :)I know my lovely son wouldn't forget to call his mother!!!

We spent the weekend with Jill and the boys. (Bryce arrived home from a baseball tournament last night)The boys were fun. We built train tracks, played basketball, and read lots of books.

Well, Kensey Rae and I are headed to Wal-Mart to buy supplies for her report.

Have a GREAT week!


Ginger's Family

I wanted to post a picture of Ginger's kids. Wyatt just went to the eye doctor to learn that he has to wear glasses...and I might say he looks quite handsome in his new pair! Don't let Emma Rae fool you with her "sweetness" in her picture, that girl is on a mission and KNOWS what she wants! :~) She is in total control, trust me, those boys are at her beck and call! :~) Conner is getting ready to celebrate his birthday in April. They are growing up so fast!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Sunday

If you only new what it took to get my nephews to all look at the camera. Jill and I were doing some sort of a side show behind the camera. Fun times.... Fun times.....

What is my Problem???????

Hello Friends and Family...

I am having such a ridiculous week!

Let me ramble..

We had a lovely day with family on Easter Sunday and I KNOW Mom was beaming when the entire row at church was full of all four of her kids with spouses and grandkids. She was smiling from ear to ear. I heard very little of the sermon as I was playing with Kam and Kade....I tried to keep them quiet, but they overtook me!

We had brunch at my house after church with Uncle Jim and family and then we had dinner with Uncle Tom and family in the afternoon. It was like a day long feast. I set out what portions I would eat for Easter and I did go over but only by two peanut butter eggs...I love those things...and apparently so does my nephew Kade...I found about 30 wrappers in my closet after they went home...(he is 2) Richard's Dad, Keith and his wife Nancy stopped in on their way back to Kansas. We hadn't seen them for quite a while, so that was fun!

Monday I stayed home with the kids who were on Spring Break. THANK GOD IN HEAVEN I don't stay home everyday I would weigh 500 pounds by Friday! What is my problem? Mom left her strawberry pie at my house..(and you know Mom can bake!) I am guessing that strawberry pie counts more than a fruit? Dang it all to pieces. I munched on Easter candy and a honey baked ham.... you think it is wrong to eat strawberry pie while watching the Biggest Loser? Geesh.. I felt guilty, but obviously not guilty enough...and I did have a couple of left over rolls too...I opted for no butter and only put grape jam on them...(rolling eyes)....and a peanut butter egg.....

Wednesday I woke up with the flu....(or strawberry pie overload or peanut butter egg overload)Anyway... I didn't eat all day except for some oatmeal...My Granny always said that oatmeal was a good thing to eat when your tummy is upset...I did stay away from the eggs...those evil peanut butter eggs....

Thursday-well....I ate an omelette this morning with eggs, spinach, and mushrooms...I felt healthy....only a minor headache leftover from yesterday...and then I nibbled on the whole wheat waffles that I made the kids...(does it count that they were whole wheat???) and then ate a piece of turkey bacon.. protein right? Geesh...I need to regain my control....I blame those darn peanut butter eggs from derailing my weight loss this week...I am up on the scale..and being controlled by Reeces peanut butter eggs!!

So... do you think it is ok to Pray to my Lord Jesus Christ to break the bondage of the strawberry pie..never mind it is gone......but there are STILL peanut butter eggs!!! (I actually did pray that!!) :~) I did a quick inventory of the eggs this morning....and wrote the number that bondage or freedom?

Well, I must get busy..if you can't find me.. I am in the closet with Kade...and you know what....

Have a good one!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Week.....

Good Morning Friends and Family!

We are in the midst of Holy Week. It is just amazing to think of all that transpired during this week. Last night at AWANA, my 3rd and 4th grade girls were asking all sorts of questions. I was basically at the beck and mercy of our Lord to help me answer some of their deep quesitons!! (you know when you scan the room at the other adults for some help and assistance to help answer!!!) There girls are smarties and I LOVE to listen to their minds spin on concepts that I KNOW the Spirit has planted deeply within them. So awesome!!

So one of the girls last night said, "I don't understand how they could call Good Friday.. Good...good for us I guess, but not good for Jesus" Yes indeed my dear one, Good for US! When I think how that man must have felt...nailed by his limbs, beaten to a bloody pulp.....taken the heat for what I would do....telling me he loved me enough to do it....asking one last time...Father if you can take this cup.. then take it.....Don't we all understand that feeling? I will do it God, but if there is any other way... DO THAT....With that, the earth shook, and it was done. I wonder what it would have been like to witness that.

It's almost Friday... but Sunday is coming.....Amen and Amen...

Monday, March 3, 2008

March Madness!

It seems unreal to believe that February 2008 is in the history books. We have experienced one of the worst winters in recent history. Northwest Missourians are sick of snow, ice, and cold temperatures. We are borderline mad, with a hint of depression! :)

We are in full swing of basketball with Kensey Rae. She is playing 2-3 tournaments per month. Cody is almost finished, THAT is a praise! We only have one kid playing there is no decision on who will go to what game! Cody is still lifting weights every M-W-F after school so he is still active, just not on the weekends!

Our nephew, Zachary, and his wife, Teresa, had their second child in February... Hayden Zachary was born a couple weeks early but completely full grown at 9 lbs! He is a cutie! Richard's sister, Tanya, went and played Grandma for a week, and his other sister, Ginger, has been updating us with photos almost daily.

Richard is working A LOT already, which means that summer will be a busy one! THAT is good in some ways, and not so great in others. He is already worn out. THAT is not good! :~)

I took on a new part time job, in addition to my full time job. I am the new 911 Coordinator for the county. It is going to be somewhat challenging, which I love. I will train for the better part of this year and then maybe on my own in 2009. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to make some extra money that we will be putting towards medical bills for our son who seems to always have some "rare" thing occur!

Speaking of which.. Cody was back in the hospital in February for what appeared to be an appendix issue, only to find after CT scan and blood work, that he had some weird virus. (I told you!) He is still seems to be responding to his growth hormone, although it is a very slow progress. We head back to Children's Mercy this month, so we will see where we are at.

Kensey Rae had 3 inches cut off of her hair this week. She looks adorable, although somewhat grown up too. Bittersweet. She is such a crack up. I need to update a photo of her!

I am participating in a Bible Study at Church by Beth Moore called Stepping Up! I highly recommend this study! I LOVE it!! Which reminds me.. I need to get back to work, I have study tonight and I am not done with my lesson.

Hope all is well--

God's Blessings,