Monday, August 25, 2008

Kensey Rae's 11th Birthday party

Well, the birthday list has been hanging on the fridge for about a month. I have stared at it daily. First on the list, a pet turtle. Yes, a pet turtle. She has this fascination with turtles. I guess that probably started around 2 years ago, maybe 3 years ago. Anyway, I thought, well, if she really wants a turtle, I guess I will get her a turtle. I went to Petco, and found the sand turtle she has so desired. I also found the price tag. Do you know what a turtle costs these days? The pet turtle sells for a small price of $90.00. Yes, for $90 you can purchase a turtle. NOW WAIT, you must also get the "set up" for the turtle. The employee explained to me what we would need, the care for the turtle, and that for around $325 I could have everything I need. Excuse me, did the price of turtles go up with the price of gas? I smiled at the clerk, whom I am assuming thought she had an easy sale, and said politely, "I believe I will have to think about that for a while." Forget it! Kensey Rae, we have turtles in the pond, name em' and they are all yours. :~)

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kristen t said...

Great party pictures! too bad not everyone could smile!