Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Enjoying the Sunshine....from a windowless office

I wish I had a window in my office.

I stay tucked away in my office most of the day- really never knowing what it is doing outside-somedays this is good- others- I am totally missing out.

Today would be the "missing out."

I remember days like this- the first days of spring....the reminder that summer is around the corner- which meant NO SCHOOL...the excitement of wearing shorts to school, the Schwan man coming to both of my Grandma's houses. Our Grandma had the ice cream yummies and our Granny had chicken nuggets and corn dogs. Ahhhhh.....summer.

My cousin who is only 18 months younger than me would sit on top of the swingset slurping our ice cream and dreaming what our playhouse would be next. Jeff always wanted to make it a law office and I wanted to make it a home. We had the playhouse of all playhouses at our Grandparents farm. We mistakenly thought that a shed that was delivered from King City Lumber was our playhouse. It was for the farm. However, we had a Grandpa with a heart the size of Texas, who I think in a week, had another one delivered just for his grandkids cause he felt so bad that our little spirits were crushed. It took us about an hour to have that shed filled up with toys and ideas. Ahhhhh, summer.

I can still remember the wind in my face as we raced up and down that gravel road on our four wheelers and go-karts. The dust flying as we blazed through the farm, Grandpa yelling to SLOW DOWN, and the smell of Grandma's marigolds (and cows.)

Last week, our first real spring day, my kids loaded up on their four wheelers and headed out with the neighbors. As they pulled out and headed to the creek...I heard it....the laughter, saw the dust cloud (ok, actually it was mud flying, don't ruin my moment) and smelled the spring in the air. I took it all in. God's grace allowed me to live through the driving the four wheeler years, and now I get to experience it again-through my kids. I just stood there, with a few tears in my eyes- and thought "wow" and then I thought "oh my gosh,they are going to be a muddy mess" :)

I am a guessin' that tonight, I will hear the four wheelers, the laughter, and get to smell the country air. And if I am really lucky......God will allow me to recall a memory or two.


....................and yes Kensey Rae you can wear capris.....*rolling eyes* :))

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