Thursday, April 1, 2010

Every mother understands.....

Last night, I had on my list a million things to do. You know the list...the one where even when you did something that you didn't originally have on the list- you put on the list- just so you can have the joy of marking it off...yah, that list.

I walk in the door and my lovely pooch has decided that after years of not claiming that he is a dog....has apparently decided to embrace the idea and dig through the trash can. It was lovely and unexpected and full of coffee grounds on top. Isn't that just precious?

I started a load of laundry, which by the way is so frustrating. Where does the laundry come from- and why do my children think that they need their pjs washed nightly? Ok, focus Jen focus. Well, I had a terrible time staying on task- so I texted a couple of friends and said-"we must walk the gravel"- the sunshine was calling my name. I walked over to a friend's house...not that i am counting but it was 1.4 miles there...:) and then Joan tried to kill me by thinking we should tackel some Mountain..yes, there are mountains in Missouri-or at least large hills. When I got home, I was so beat and my feet hurt so bad...yet there was my list.

I took a shower and while in there, worked out in my mind how I would get everything done. I would get supper on the grill, change out the laundry, run the vaccum--get my grocery list for Easter ready, fold a load of clothes, pay some bills, and clean the bathroom...finish dinner and get the dishes done and be in bed by 10:30- not a minute later.

As I was getting out of the shower, the phone was ringing--it was my Mom. Cindy has issues with locking her keys in the car. Sometimes, she has been known to do this twice in one day...She was at Sam's club and apparently had done it again. So, I headed to her house to get her spare and then on to Sam's.

It was so nice out that a girl must do what a girl must do....I rolled down the windows (with wet hair mind you) and blasted my radio and sang my heart out down I29. It took me back to being 16 and cruising around with friends and then ending the evening sitting on tailgates at Hardees parking lot. Except I was now in a minivan, wet hair, no make up, and I would sit at Sam's Club.

I arrive at Sam's to find my mom close to being escorted out of Sam's club because she had been there for years....(kidding Mom)I dropped off the key, and headed back home...Let the cruising resume! Wahooooo!

Arrived at home, made some shrimp stir fry on the grill...did put another load of laundry in....and skipped the rest. I felt like throwing in the towel....but then realized that would just create more laundry- so I just turned the list upside down...and ignored it....until today.


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