Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remember me?

So, I am home today with a sick kid. Poor Cody- he is on day 4 of some crazy virus that has decided to take up residence on his head. Yes, I said "on" as in he is experiencing the worst headache he says he has ever had. Poor thing.

I stayed home today with him. It somewhat takes me back to the days when he really "needed" me. Now, I think he still needs me, not sure he realizes he still needs me, but he does. He's 16 now, somewhat a grown-up, somewhat a kid, basically the way I feel.

This grown-up stuff can just sometimes be overwhelming, can't it? I had to laugh so hard this morning, because apparently I don't have the grown up thing down yet either. I was making my bed and puttiing some laundry away and on my dresser is every book I am currently reading. (why do i start so many??)

Here's the list-

on top is the new book by Beth Moore....So Long Insecurity-you've been a bad friend to us---what a great book...chapter 7 was a little tough, it was somewhat like looking in the mirror-naked. YIKES! But Chapter 8 was starting to show God's plan and how it doesn't include insecurity. Pick up a copy- you will be blessed.

Dave Ramsey- Financial Peace Revised--ok, ok, I could have saved 20 dollars and not bought the book, but it was January and you are suppose to get things going in January-or at least I think you are-- It's a good book too--

Having a Mary Spirit-this is the Bible Study we are doing for a women's group at church- I have basically failed, I am a Martha-dang. I know I am, I have tried to change but barely get the M out and it changes from MMMMMary to MMMMMMMartha. God shakes his head, I put my head down....and move on to the next chapter. It's been good to know that I am not alone- apparently Martha is as popular as the name- Jennifer....

Finally some fun reading- a Karen Kingsbury book--second book of the First Born series--I am suppose to be done with it because I borrowed it from a friend who was going to loan it to another friend,so let's keep it quiet that it has a little dust on it.

So on those days when I ask my children, "why don't you ever learn?" Probably the most appropriate response should be, "cause you don't" but if they did that....they would be grounded and get to see first hand why I don't have it all together.....for a very long time.

I promised Kensey Rae I would make cinnamon rolls for her today and the bus will be here in a few short hours, so I better make good on my promise.

I've missed blogging and most likely the only person who will read this will be my Mom. But hey, she won't answer her phone today, so I guess at least she will know that her baby girl made her bed.



Teresa said...

It looks good Jen!~ And, it's good to have you back. Don't worry, I will be reading your blog too- so, there will at least be two of us!!

Hols said...

good to have you back! Now, I need to start blogging again too!
I love your honesty! It is a breath of fresh air! More people need to share from their heart.