Monday, March 29, 2010

Some roundtable talk....

Most days we have supper together. It is something that Richard and I have always deemed important. I am sure I read somewhere that if you have supper together your kids will be smart or stay drug free or that you receive some award for mother of the year....but it's important to us and for sure it is a good time.

Tonight I tried a new recipe. Well, since I joined Weight Watchers, I have a lot of new recipes. Tonight was Skinny Mini Meatloafs. Yes, you read that right. Unfortunately, they do not make you thin, nor can you eat a dozen of them just because they are low in points. I thought about writing WW and complaining, but chose not to. :)

Tonight was no different than any other night, Cody didn't get home from FFA until 7:30 so we held dinner for him. Richard and Kensey Rae were practicing softball in the front yard. (that will be another story for another time) Where was I? I was cooking. Duh. :)

We sit down and Richard asked Cody to bless the food. My kids usually say the blessing, as Richard thinks it is important for them to "hear" themselves pray. I kinda think it is all about that Richard has used up his word quota for the day at work. Whatever, it works for us.

Our usual dinner entertainment is Kensey Rae. She tells one story after another- and somehow is the first one done eating most nights. I honestly think it is that we sit stunned that a human being can talk so fast and for so long about.....nothing. We have the typical glance around the table as if it is code for "does she ever come up for air?" But, I will say we laugh ourselves to the point of no return.

Tonight she started in on something that happened at school and somehow we ended up with her crazy dream. Now, if dreams truly only go for 15 seconds-than Houston we have a problem, cause this girl talked about her dream (according to Cody) for 11 minutes and 34 seconds. The thing was, we didn't know she had switched from real life to the dream. I felt like we were in the middle of another Dallas episode and JR wasn't really shot. I finally say, "Wait Wait Wait, what happened?" and she proceeds to tell me and Cody says, "Kens, what are you talking about?" Kensey lets out an irritated sigh, "my dream Cody!" and we are like, "Your Dream?"

*shaking head*

There is only one Kensey Rae, and she is ours. You can borrow her from time to time to just light up your world, but you have to give her back..(you may want to anyway) If I start drinking coffee at night, she is the reason, I need to be fully alert to listen to her stories.

Night All-


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