Friday, September 26, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes....

Ok, no insight here, no big revelation that God has shown me. No big lesson that I have learned the hard way....just a post of laughs!!

Last night we were getting ready for our garage sale. (yes, we decided to have a garage sale on Tuesday for this Friday and Saturday--love when we do that) Anyway, Kam and Kade wanted to come out to my house to see the new kitty. (we are the dumping ground for stray animals in these parts)

So, we went to pick up Kensey Rae from school, and head out to see Isabellla the kitty. Kam brought along a book of all of his friends from preschool. (such a great in a ziploc bag bound together with the three rings so it is a "book")

Well, while we were waiting for Kensey Rae- we looked at the pictures. I asked Kam, "which one is your friend?" He replied, "aunt jen jen, they are all my friends!" I said, "well, which one do you like the most--like your best buddy kind of thing?" While he was thinking Kade pipes up, "Jen Jen, I like the girls. I like to kiss the girls" He is 2 1/2. I said, "Kade, you kiss the girls?" He smiles from ear to ear (you just have to see that smile) anyway, he says, "Jen Jen, I love to kiss girls" I was cracking up.

He proceeds to show me how he kisses the girls. Of course, he has never actually kissed a girl except for his momma, nannas, and aunties and a few cousins here and there, but to hear him talk...... So it starts early, the over exaggerating of "how many girls you have kissed"...hope he doesn't take up fishing..I hear those stories get carried away too!!

So, of course I was curious. "Kam, do you like to kiss girls?" I couldn't wait to hear the answer. Kam doesn't think girls can do anything. He is basically a male chauvinist pig. (But a darn cute one!) I waited for the answer. "Jen Jen I will never kiss girls, I don't like girls, they are gross. I guess I would have to kiss a boy"
Well, I had my answer. :~) BUT, then he says.."I like Izzie's curls".....ahhhh, very reluctantly my little nephew is discovering, girls aren't quite as gross as he first thought.

Have a good one!


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Stacey said...

Ohhhhhhhhh what a sweet conversation. Write this one in his book, he'll treasure it. xoxo