Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gotta love the time to think while driving....

I drove down to my sister's house tonight. Bryce has class on Tuesday nights and so it is a great time to be Aunt Jen Jen, but also to give my sister some much needed adult conversation. Jo came over tonight too, she turned 25 yesterday and might I add has grown in wisdom overnight! :~)

On the way home, Kensey Rae fell asleep which left me and the radio. I was listening to my beloved K-LOVE radio station and praising the Lord through song....granted those of you who know me well, know that my singing will only be considered praise when I enter heaven's gates. However, tonight, as the lightening was striking all around me I just relished in the power of my God. How amazing He is-how thankful that I have been forgiven--and simply put I just stand in awe of Him.

How appropriate it is to sing I will praise you in this storm as a storm rolls in. So often in my life I have cursed the storm..(both life storms and the actual send me to my basement storms) :~) I hated going through the storms of life, they can be so dark and scary. When you are in the midst of one, you feel alone, terrified, and worn out! There is no way that I would have the faith I have today if I had not weathered some of those storms. There is no way I would be able to have grown on my own the way the storm forced me to grow. I am just too lazy to do that.

I have to remind myself that storms are opportunities to relinquish my power and authority and to come under the grace and protection of my Lord. My dear friends, there is no better shelter.

So, Lord, I will praise you in the storm.....forever and always. However, if it brings thunder and lightening I might possibly be praising you in the basement with my flashlight and bottled water. Yes, I am that kind of pansy..



Stacey said...

I just noticed your daughter's middle name...my Niki's is Raye.

But back on topic, this is a very beautiful post, thanks for such a heartfelt message. Right now, without going into details, I am going through what has got to be the all time worst stormy season of my life..and sometimes I just feel like you said. Worn out. I'm tired. So...as I close out the night and head to bed with my new book, I'll go over what you wrote in my head. It'll comfort me, I know this. xo

Teresa said...

Jen, I love that song! It's funny that you posted about it because it has been my most recent favorite... I find myself singing it often (no radio mind you) I had even thought of trying to get it to play on my blog page, but don't know how to do that. Anyway, loved the post...