Monday, July 14, 2008

sometimes you just don't have it......

We fell short tonight. We lost by 11 to a team from Maryland. We had a hard time getting the ball up the court. Their press was intense, and it just stopped us in our tracks. Kensey Rae played a good game. She certainly has stepped up her game down here, which has been awesome to watch.

The other team was coached by a girl who played for Syracuse. She towered over our coaches who are 6'3" and taller. A parent came up to us after the game and complimented Kensey Rae's intensity in her defense. That was a nice ending to a rather disappointing day.

We play tomorrow morning at 10:30. Because we are seeded third out of our pool, we have zero chance of advancing in the actual championships. We are now playing in the "classic" bracket. We have a double elimination rule beginning tomorrow.

I think we will probably head to either Disneyworld or Sea World tomorrow after the game.

Florida is hot, humid, and busy. I will never ever complain about the Missouri heat ever again. My poor hair. I cannot even tell you what it is doing. I think Annie or curly would be an understatement. Rather sad.

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