Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cody's Mom reporting in...

Where is the summer going? I DEMAND to know!

It is flying by and I am afraid that school starts NEXT MONTH! Double Ugh.

I need to know an answer to a question. I have pondered on this question for about a month, and I STILL do not know the answer! HOW IN THE WORLD AM I OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE A FRESHMAN?

I am too young, right?

Wasn't it just yesterday that I was at good ole SHS? Serioiusly. I feel like yesterday walking the halls with my 80's hair. (let me just remind you that my hair was the PERFECT 80's hair...big, CURLY, and did I mention BIG?)


Now, I have a son walking the halls.

Here's the thing....When I went to SHS, I was Jen Esely.....I had a name....people knew me....I walked into the weight room to get Cody last week...and the UNTHINKABLE happened to me.....I heard this..."Hey Cody's Mom....he's in the gym"...Cody's Mom? I am now just Cody's idenity of my own...just Cody's Mom.

I am Mom, hear me roar.

So, in the meantime....Cody's Mom is running the roads with Cody and Kensey Rae....and I am smilin' about it...until I fill up my gas tank.


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