Thursday, July 24, 2008

and the rest of the story..

Well I kinda left you hanging....

We ended up losing the next two games. Kensey Rae played her heart out. I was so proud of her. As I was watching her play against girls that were just so much bigger than her I watched the Esely woman come out in her. I saw the determination of Jodi in her. Jodi played with such an intensity in high school and college. Kensey Rae sat in the stands for years desiring to be just like her, and well, she is, just like her. I watched her play smart, just so on top of her game, playing defense-not allowing her girl the opportunity to even think of scoring, she played smart like Jill. Jill played smart. She was always cool as a cucumber-in charge. The girl you know you can count on--kensey Rae was cool, smart and took charge of her defense. She was just like Jill. She smiled when her teammates did something awesome.....her smile looked just like Mom's smile. The smile that makes you want to smile too. A catchy smile. Then, came the look. Yep, the look. The look that says you have ticked me off one too many times. You have messed with the wrong girl...yep, that came from me. I knew it. I giggled. I think deep down, she knew it too. :~)

Score one for the Esely girl.

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