Thursday, March 27, 2008

What is my Problem???????

Hello Friends and Family...

I am having such a ridiculous week!

Let me ramble..

We had a lovely day with family on Easter Sunday and I KNOW Mom was beaming when the entire row at church was full of all four of her kids with spouses and grandkids. She was smiling from ear to ear. I heard very little of the sermon as I was playing with Kam and Kade....I tried to keep them quiet, but they overtook me!

We had brunch at my house after church with Uncle Jim and family and then we had dinner with Uncle Tom and family in the afternoon. It was like a day long feast. I set out what portions I would eat for Easter and I did go over but only by two peanut butter eggs...I love those things...and apparently so does my nephew Kade...I found about 30 wrappers in my closet after they went home...(he is 2) Richard's Dad, Keith and his wife Nancy stopped in on their way back to Kansas. We hadn't seen them for quite a while, so that was fun!

Monday I stayed home with the kids who were on Spring Break. THANK GOD IN HEAVEN I don't stay home everyday I would weigh 500 pounds by Friday! What is my problem? Mom left her strawberry pie at my house..(and you know Mom can bake!) I am guessing that strawberry pie counts more than a fruit? Dang it all to pieces. I munched on Easter candy and a honey baked ham.... you think it is wrong to eat strawberry pie while watching the Biggest Loser? Geesh.. I felt guilty, but obviously not guilty enough...and I did have a couple of left over rolls too...I opted for no butter and only put grape jam on them...(rolling eyes)....and a peanut butter egg.....

Wednesday I woke up with the flu....(or strawberry pie overload or peanut butter egg overload)Anyway... I didn't eat all day except for some oatmeal...My Granny always said that oatmeal was a good thing to eat when your tummy is upset...I did stay away from the eggs...those evil peanut butter eggs....

Thursday-well....I ate an omelette this morning with eggs, spinach, and mushrooms...I felt healthy....only a minor headache leftover from yesterday...and then I nibbled on the whole wheat waffles that I made the kids...(does it count that they were whole wheat???) and then ate a piece of turkey bacon.. protein right? Geesh...I need to regain my control....I blame those darn peanut butter eggs from derailing my weight loss this week...I am up on the scale..and being controlled by Reeces peanut butter eggs!!

So... do you think it is ok to Pray to my Lord Jesus Christ to break the bondage of the strawberry pie..never mind it is gone......but there are STILL peanut butter eggs!!! (I actually did pray that!!) :~) I did a quick inventory of the eggs this morning....and wrote the number that bondage or freedom?

Well, I must get busy..if you can't find me.. I am in the closet with Kade...and you know what....

Have a good one!


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