Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Sadness about March Madness

Kensey Rae lost her game today on a last second shot. The Cyclones had one of those games where nothing would matter how much skill behind the shot, no matter how open we were, no matter how tough the shot, NOTHING was going in. Kensey Rae played a great game and her defense was awesome, but in the end, we were one short. She has the next weekend off and then three straight weeks of Regional Tournament. We must qualify in the month of April to go to Orlando. Since we already bought our airplane would be nice to qualify.:~)

Cody is still traveling home from Branson. He is supposed to arrive in the next couple of hours. I wish I could tell you he had a great time, but my lovely 14 year old did not call home all weekend. (*&$#(*&@(*$#&(#$&&@$& :~) I called him yesterday and only talked exactly 32 seconds according to my was raining and he was getting ready to ride a roller coaster....and he was going to call me back. I hope that for his sake his phone broke or an alien picked him up and took him to Mars! :)I know my lovely son wouldn't forget to call his mother!!!

We spent the weekend with Jill and the boys. (Bryce arrived home from a baseball tournament last night)The boys were fun. We built train tracks, played basketball, and read lots of books.

Well, Kensey Rae and I are headed to Wal-Mart to buy supplies for her report.

Have a GREAT week!


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