Monday, December 29, 2008

Sicker than a Dog.....

Where did that phrase come from anyway?

The top 10 things I learned during the Edwards tummy flu....

1. Three bathrooms in our house is not enough.

2. I am by far the worst patient known to man, NOT my husband or son.

3. The aroma of a sick house is not pleasant.

4. Kensey Rae enjoyed being the only healthy one in the basement where she was able to have the wii, computer, tv, and all the snacks she so desired, because nobody could tell her no.

5. That I can still crawl....(did many times cause I could not walk to "the room")

6. That I still very much need my Mommy to hold my hair back when I throw up. (but she was at home being sick herself so I had to use a pony tail holder)

7. Lysol may be a flu killer, but it stinks.

8. Ice chips can hit the spot.

9. You can actually moan in harmony with other people.

10. Laundry is never done.

Oh! and a prayer was answered...I just kept asking God to save Kensey Rae from this, primarily because there was NOBODY who could take care of her! AND HE DID!! Praise His Name!

We survived!!

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