Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is it Friday yet?


I feel like this is one of the LONGEST weeks ever!

I think we are heading to Kansas this weekend to see Hailey and Hayden, Wyatt, Conner and Emma. It is also Wyatt's 11th birthday!!

Richard's new job is going great. He is learning how to operate a laptop....Pray for Larry....he is the guy who is responsible for helping him!! :~)

Cody is busy with finishing up his 8th grade year! He is actually on a field trip today to the NCAA Hall of Fame in Kansas City. He is lifting weights, playing golf, and playing basketball. His sense of humor is becoming more and more like Richard's--enough said on that. :~)

Kensey Rae is BUSY playing basketball and volleyball. She is my "goer" she is always ready and willing to head to the next event! She had her hair cut short last night and she LOVES it...I think it makes her look older, so the jury is still out!

I registered both kids for Church Camp this week. Cody is gone the first week in June and Kensey Rae is gone the last week in June. Cody will be going with our church and Kensey Rae is going with her cousin, Natasha, who is a member at Rosendale Christian. Kensey is so excited!! This will be her first camp!! She and Tash get along so well I can't wait to hear the stories!!


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