Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aunt Jen Jen....can you please....

So I had Jill's boys over the weekend, well only for one night, but I had ALL three of them. I am a Mom, I can handle anything and everything. WHAT is the big deal, Right? WRONG!! :)

Richard and I are suckers. There is no easy way to say it, but we are an easy target for these boys.

I almost feel sad for Jacob and Tyler. When they were young, they ran around with Cody, and I still very much had my "parent" hat on. So, the things they did were not funny, but probably should have been.....:~) I know we used to let Zachary rule the roost, of course that was before we had parent hats on.........and then with Ginger's kids (Wyatt, Conner, and Emma) they live so far away that we have short stays at Uncle Richard and Aunt Jen's house....and it is probably a good thing, because Emma somewhat has Uncle Richard wrapped around her finger.....and then bring on Hailey and Hayden.....I think secretly Uncle Richard knows that Hailey is the boss and therefore when she comes to town, she rules, and Aunt Jen knew it would be that way as soon as she saw the red hair........and Hayden has yet to experience Uncle Richard and Aunt Jen's house.. but I am guessing.....:~) And then there is Grace, our pseudo niece....well, she....wrapped us around her finger and tied the knot....WE have some pretty cute nieces and nephews.. if you didn't know.. just ask us!!

Anyway, back to my weekend.....I picked up the boys at McDonald's in St. Joseph from a very teary eyed sister who thought for sure that she was breaking some wonderful parent rule of sending them off for the night...WHATEVER...:~) On the way to Savannah....Kade is telling me this..."Jen Jen.. Kam "something" me )($*)%*....WHAT? Aunt Jen Jen can't understand you...(this repeats about about 4 times)... Finally, Kam speaks up and says...Jen Jen, Kade is trying to tell you I called him stupid.....I nearly cracked up!

We stopped by to see Nanny at the courthouse to which Kam and Kade both thought it was hilarious to call everyone they saw...BOO_BOO....yes ...BOO BOO....they nearly laughed themselves to tears! Karson meanwhile was just smiling at everyone as the innocent child he is...:~)

We came home and it was so cold outside and drizzling.....but of course they wanted to go outside to the playhouse. Now, this is where an Aunt's perspective comes into play....We really shouldn't go outside, it is wet and cold... but they wanted we loaded up with blankets and the rocking chairs from the house and headed to the playhouse....Jen Jen, Cody, Kensey Rae, and all three boys. We stayed out there for about an hour and a half when Uncle Richard he joined us.. with Jaxson Bo. Yes, we have been suckered.. AGAIN.

I think we should all experience being an Aunt or Uncle before we are allowed to have children. It just takes the edge off. I think as parents we try to be so perfect and we feel like we have these expectations to meet...but as an Aunt and Uncle..anything goes... it is just just take the time to play. If the house is a mess... it just means you had fun.....if the clothes are means the food was good and the grass was ripe for running.....if the face is means you played hard all day.......

I told Richard if this is any indication as to what grandparent hood will be like....we are in trouble. Our kids will hang us from the highest ceiling and beat us like pinatas!

As the Aunt and Uncle we laugh at them when we should discipline....we let the borders of rules probably swell outside the line.....we let them eat ice cream for breakfast..(and make our kids eat oatmeal) :~).....we let them pick something up at Walmart at the checkout....we let them watch a movie over and over and over.....we let them take the cups into the living room and require our kids to stay in the kitchen.....I can't count the times we let Conner and Wyatt "relieve themselves" outside and made Cody go into the restroom or skip their vitamin that their Mom promised I would give them...Or let Emma eat cookies for breakfast..I told her not to tell her Mom......or let Zachary walk through the house after four wheelin' with mud all over him...and just cleaned it up myself cause we were so happy to have him there....poor Tyler and Jake.....they were sitting in the corner with Cody after running the four wheeler into the fence, jumping in the river with clothes on, having a water fight inside the house...would I think it was funny now??...Hailey and Grace rule but are still innocent enough that they are in the bedroom with Kensey Rae feeding their babies and finding purses to carry around while Kensey Rae does their hair and finds sparkly outfits for them to wear....and Hayden we can only imagine what he will talk us into...Kam, Kade and Karson....we won't mention to your Mom that you were jumping over the sofa this weekend...or that you watched three movies Friday night.....or that you had cookies before the pancakes were done...


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