Monday, April 28, 2008

Raining Blessings!!

Hello Friends and Family-

Last week was one of those weeks when you just can't give God enough glory. We had prayer after prayer answered, just simply amazing.

We went to Children's Mercy for Cody's visit. I was very nervous about this visit. Cody has always handled his GHD with a lot of dignity and never really complained. As of late, it has changed. He is tired of getting passed up. He is tired of giving himself a shot (for the last three years) to see minimal amount of progress in his eyes. He is tired of everybody growing, and him not. Praise the Lord.. he has grown 1.2 inches and gained 6 pounds in a little over 3 months. He is finally really responding to his meds!! He is not a hair under 5'3" and weighing in at 101 pounds. He will be 15 in October. God is good! (Of course He would have still been good even if he hadn't grown) :~) Prayer request #1 answered.

We were able to see our little guy Jaxon Burns at Mercy while we were there. HE IS SO STINKING CUTE!!! He has been moved to the Ronald McDonald house and will be going HOME in a week or so!! This little guy is 3 years old, has survived cancer, two liver transplants and has a sparkle in his eyes that is just amazing. So, prayer request #2 was answered!!

Our friends, The Thomsen's, have an amazing little boy named Per who has fought two kinds of cancers. He had scans that showed everything is STABLE!! AWESOME!! So, prayer request number 3 answered. Can you believe this??

On Wednesday, Richard called me at work and said that he had been having an eventful morning. Well, I just kept typing away, because Richard's eventful is....well... boring. :~) He was offered a Plant Manager position, that entitles him to a company car, laptop,cell phone,Less hours and a pay increase!! I was nearly knocked off my chair!! This man deserves this-- when I think of all the things he has missed out on, and NEVER complained to me. He is a worker. He is the guy who has always and forever put his family first. He has always put me first. When I think about how much he has sacrificed over the years to better his family's future, to give more than he received....well, it is overwhelming. (wipes a tear)

The kids and I met him that night on the way to AWANA and he was driving his company truck...we hooted and hollered in our car as we passed him...laying on the horn.. singing God is so was awesome. I had picked Cody up from school and ran him to the golf course, so he called his Dad while he was golfing....Richard thought that was cute. I told Kensey Rae when she came home from character club and unknown to me, she went to her room and called him from her cell phone.

I traveled to Jefferson City last week as well. My position with Sunshine Factory is going to be changing. Our county is taking on Target Case Management for our clients. There is a lot of details and paperwork. I am up to the challenge, I just hope my brain follows! :~)

Have a great week!!


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Teresa Wright said...

Jen, what a week! God is so good!!! I love to hear the good health reports, and ask that you would include Hailey on your prayer list this week as we will be traveling to Mercy this Thursday to meet with an orthopedic surgeon and discuss her arm/shoulder. And WAY TO GO RICHARD!!! We know he does work very hard, and is sooo deserving of that promotion!! Yay uncle Richie! Thanks so much for sharing your uplifting praise report!! Love, The Wrights