Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We have a driver.....

Our month started out with Cody turning 15! He now has his driving permit. I will spare you from hearing ALL of the stories, but of course I must let you in on a few.....First of all the first two days of his driving career could be wrapped up with one word...ok maybe more than one word..."WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" The first week he went 45 MPH--that would be 45 MPH frontwords, backwords, turns and all...:~) He is MUCH better now! We may survive after all. He was taking the turn onto our road at a lovely 22 mph--I wasn't ok with that--so I yelled, screamed, cried, etc....and he instantly was mad at me. "I was being a Drama Mama" Whatever. But then Kensey Rae piped in and says, "Hello, precious cargo in the backseat, please handle with care.: Probably not the thing to say....:~) However, if you meet us now it is safe, just don't honk and startle him...PLEASE!

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