Monday, November 5, 2007

Is it Monday already?

We had a great weekend celebrating Grandma Hughes' 90th Birthday! It was great to see all the family again! Ginger and the kids spent the night with us on Saturday night and I am very happy to report that Ginger made it to EARLY Church service! (We had to tease her!) Nancy and Grace came out Saturday night for pizza after the big party and the girls enjoyed playing together.

Cody's football team won the championship this weekend, which ended his Bantam Football career. He is growing up so fast! Next year it will be onto Freshman football! He went to a hayride with the youth group last night and had a great time. He had to be at basketball practice this morning at 5:30 a.m. and he was none to pleased when the alarm clock went off!

Kensey Rae went to a sleepover this weekend and had a great time. She has been busy with basketball this week and that schedule will continue until July 2008, so we had better get used to it!

Richard worked Saturday, but hopefully that will becoming to an end soon as winter is around the corner which usually means no Saturday workdays. Keeping our fingers crossed!

I wanted to post the new school pictures....Cody as the "I am too cool for school" look and Kensey Rae has the "who me?" look.....:~)

Have a great week!

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